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Renewed Surface pro 6 gray

Renewed Surface pro 6 gray

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 in its elegant gray finish is the epitome of sophistication and functionality, tailor-made for business professionals who value both aesthetics and performance. This device seamlessly combines the power of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet, ensuring you stay productive and agile in any business environment. Below is a detailed description along with the key features and benefits that make the Surface Pro 6 a must-have for any business professional:

Equipped with a powerful 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, the Surface Pro 6 delivers unparalleled performance, enabling you to handle demanding business applications effortlessly. Its 8GB of RAM allows for efficient multitasking, letting you run several applications simultaneously without any lag. The 240GB SSD provides substantial storage for all your business needs, ensuring fast access to data and applications. The Surface Keyboard transforms it into a fully functional laptop, perfect for typing reports or sending emails, while the included charger guarantees your device is always ready to go.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 8th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor: Offers top-notch performance, making it ideal for running complex business applications.
  • 8GB RAM: Facilitates efficient multitasking, allowing you to work on multiple tasks at once without compromising on performance.
  • 240GB SSD: Ensures fast startup times and swift access to your data, along with reliable storage space for your files and documents.
  • Versatile and Convertible Design: Switch effortlessly between tablet and laptop mode with the Surface Keyboard, offering flexibility to suit your working style.
  • Elegant Gray Finish: Adds a touch of sophistication to your business toolkit, standing out in any professional setting.
  • Windows 10 Pro: Comes with business-ready features that help in managing and securing your data efficiently.

Elevate your business experience with the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 in gray. Order now from MCR and benefit from our pre-configuration service included in the price, ensuring your Surface Pro 6 is ready for business use right from the start. Embrace performance, flexibility, and style with the Surface Pro 6.

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